Wednesday, March 19, 2008

32. 224. 1.

I went out with the Russian guy,
he told me he was rich.
I went out with the bartender
but all he did was bitch.

I went out with the thespian,
his name was Thakery,
but he became a lesbian
and he looks better than me.

I dated the lonely poet, and
he promised he would pay
tomorrow if I could just stick
around for one more day.

I wish that Walter was well groomed,
and this I must confess,
I wish that Howard had more hair
and Lou a little less.

I had dinner with the dancer,
I had drinks with the drunk,
I stayed out all night with the smoker
and played music with the punk.

I’ve been diving with David
and snorkeling with Stan.
I play tennis with Timothy
and lose chess games to Chan.

Andy was an airline pilot,
Matt was a musician.
Justin was a big ol’ jerk and
Philip a physician.

So many lines that it would take
before my list was done.
So many lips I could mistake,
but I have loved just one.


Anonymous said...

Hot Autumn,

Lets hope it stays at just one for a long, long time, maybe forever.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome. I came across this by googling rhyming haiku, btw.