Monday, January 7, 2008

smart girl

I have more wit
than I have tit.

I have more quip
than hip.

I have more crass
than I have ass,

and more blunt
than I have wunt
or need of.

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Titus Chernopolus said...

I'm more prodigal
than logical

I've a tinted rose
for a working nose

And levity
To mask my naivete

Yet, I now believe
that though I stumbled
upon you, one Christmas Eve
and proclaimed, "Bah, Humboldt",

I will soon cease to harp
and face the simple fact
That that which is a sharp
can too, alas, be flat

For, when reading music parts
there is no greater hex
than mistaking doubled sharps
(known also as an "X")

For this I am at fault
I am human, I have erred
and must leave you to your salt
to your sea
to your air